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Car parts are different from one car to another, even for the same model of the same year.
To identify the right parts for your car, Please fill in the below inquiry form and send it so that we can quote you the RIGHT PARTS with Photos.

Headlights (Headlamp)
Brands such as Koito mill or Piaa are famous in Japan.
In late years the cases that HID (* High Intensity Discharged lamp ) is adopted in a Japanese car manufacturer increase.
The good point of HID is a point having a long life more brightly than a halogen bulb.
The motor parts maker which Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota Motor Corporation use in OEM : KOITO, ICHIKOH, STANLEY
Official site :
Koito : http://www.koito.co.jp * in English
Ichikoh : http://www.ichikoh.com * in English
Stanley : http://www.stanley.co.jp * in English
Type : Filament lamps (Halogen bulb), High-intensity discharge lamps
Tail Lights
Tail light or tail lamp is a lighting system that is part of the vehicle usually mounted at the rear of the vehicle and usually come in pairs (left end and right end of the vehicle). This group of lights on one mounting is consisting of different lights with different function.
The signal lights or the turn lights are part of the tail light. As a regulatory standard, the turn lights are colored yellow. This is used to indicate whether the vehicle is turning left or right. These same set of lights are also used during emergency, as a hazard. The reverse lights are another set of lights that are part of the tail light assembly. This light is used to illuminate the rear of the vehicle when backing up. The reverse lights are automatically turned on when the driver puts the vehicle in the reverse shift. These lights have the highest illumination among the set of lights but not as bright as the hear light.
from US$169.0
Corner Lights
What makes it possible for us to see clearly in the dark or during low visibility periods? It's the light! Without the light, the human eye is as good a nothing. And when we are talking about cars, the light is as essential in making driving possible and safe at night and low visibility. All cars have different sorts of lighting equipments and each one of them serves different purpose or use. You can find at the car front the headlight, at the back the taillight, signal lights, stop lights, interior lights and others
Cars have headlights for the purpose of illuminating the road ahead; tail lights for the purpose of letting the driver of the subsequent car know the direction of your car and take the necessary driving precautions; signal lights for the purpose of letting others know that you are going turn to the direction where your light signals; stop lights or brake lights to let the driver following you know that you're making a stop, and others including interior lights and corner lights.
from US$56.0
Doors Mirror
Mirrors are smooth surfaced aspects of the car that provide additional visibility for the driver. They produce the image of what is directly in its path. Depending on the angle of the mirror's curve, they may reflect anything that is within its scope. These mirrors are essential for all vehicles for safety reasons. These mirrors provide the driver the exact situation of the traffic and this gives them the chance to do the appropriate move while on the road. Making turns, backing up and parking uses the service of these mirrors as well as the use for looking at one's self on the occasional makeup and retouch for some women. There are a various kinds of mirrors that are installed in a car, they are the towing mirrors, automatic dimming rearview mirror, side mirrors, wide-angle mirror, power mirror and lots more. All of them are providing different services for different purposes.
With automotive technology going at a high rate of speed, these mirrors serve more than one purpose today. Technology has provided them with other capabilities such as automatic dimming. Automatic dimming sets the rear view mirror to night mode when it senses bright lights reflected on it. You don't have to suffer the glare from the cars behind you with their high beams on. Some mirrors can actually provide the temperature readout and a compass in digitized form being flashed on the mirror. Some side mirrors also act as signal lights; they show arrows visible enough for all the cars behind you signaling your intentions to turn.
from US$120.0
You purchase and own a vehicle for a specific purpose and reason. You may just plainly want to achieve the convenience of cruising down the road without bothering to ride passenger cars. You may want the security of coming home safely from work. Or you may be a traveler or a businessman who runs errands and attends to several matters requiring a great deal of travel. But one thing is for sure, you let your car hit the road and any type of road condition. With this, you simply need to protect your wheels and tires. But how would you do it? You basically need the installation and use of fenders.
The fender is that which is located at the side portion of a vehicle in front of the doors. It is the sheet metal assembly on either side of the vehicle situated over and around the front and rear wheels that usually begins its contour where the front and back doors end and runs forward to the bumper and upward to the hood and the rear fender runs rearward to the rear bumper and then upward to the trunklid. Moreover, the fender is that area that houses the wheel and tire of a vehicle.
This part of the vehicle provides a lot of benefits. It may look classy yet the protection it gives is much of an importance. The main function of a fender is to allow a bigger opening hence a wider house to fit in bigger tires and wheels compared to the stock types. Secondly, fenders serve as protection of the wheel opening against rust and the formation of sludge caused by the accumulated mud, road debris, and frequent bumps. Likewise, during automotive accidents such as minor collisions, the impact received by the vehicle's bumpers oftentimes bends the sheet metal at the edge of the fender so they are referred to as "fender benders". For any type of vehicle that you own, be it a car, truck, SUV, sedan, or jeep is an apt fender to fit. Fenders are manufactured and sold everywhere. These fenders can either be universal or custom fit. Where you can find the durable and reliable fender flares, fender trims, custom fenders, chrome fender trim, fender skirts, stainless steel fender trim, and other fender parts is not a problem. The internet is a fast-to-access source for all of these. You can freely choose among the extensive lineup of stores online the best that you think could provide you the contentment you so long from your vehicle. With fenders, your car gains an aerodynamic and muscular look which becomes more attractive and more eye-catching.
Price : ASK
Car parts are different from one car to another, even for the same model of the same year.
To identify the right parts for your car, Please fill in the below inquiry form and send it so that we can quote you the RIGHT PARTS with Photos.

Radiator Guard
If your car is a Japanese car, you can obtain the grill guard of your car even if there is your car in any place. It is shipped directly to you by Japan. You will not feel distance with your country and Japan. Our service is offered like the garage in your country.
from US$160.0
The door of the car which Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota or Mitsubishi sell is easily available. A sudden trouble may easily solve you by contacting us. Please inform a maker name, a model name, the information of your car including the Chassis number.
from US$210.0
Engine Hoods (Bonnet)
We handle it from pure engine hoods of Toyota to a customized thing made by full carbon.
from US$210.0
So important are vehicles for almost every one of us; we need them to transport us to every destination we have to reach, give us the automotive satisfaction we need and something to sport and, well, brag about sometimes. We are, of course, also aware that each of these vehicles need protection and proper maintenance; hence, performance parts and accessories are available in the automotive market. Among the most famous parts and accessories being installed in a vehicle for performance and safety are anti-lock brakes, airbags, and seatbelts; but only few, especially those true-blooded enthusiasts know that bumpers are among those important safety things.
Bumpers are important in your vehicle's specifications as they are the one that gives protection to your vehicle, to you as the driver and your passengers during collisions. Bumpers are designed to absorb and deliver the momentum when a vehicle meets accidents; these pieces are being formed into specific shapes to do its task. Bumpers are parts installed in a vehicle and are made of heavy sheet metal; usually they are being mounted on the front and rear part of the vehicle. Not just bumpers provide protection to your vehicles; they also help your vehicle get another level of appeal and enhanced looks. Bumpers are also built with "crumple zones", these designs enable the specific bumper part to flex during collisions.
There are many kinds of bumpers available; these pieces are available in different designs, makes, finishes and materials so you can surely find the one that will perfectly fit your vehicles; fits depends on what specific model, model year and model trim of vehicle you have. Make sure you choose the exact bumper fit for your vehicle for proper performance; it is also important to choose bumper brands with trusted quality. Don't be fooled by stylish and elegant bumpers, instead choose those brands that offer better quality without sacrificing aesthetic aspects.
from US$126.0
The dumper is attached to the various points of the car. A dumper attached to the places such as engine hood or the rear gate is fragile. The dumper as for the expendable supplies is because is it. We recommend exchange if dumper get tired.
from US$39.0
When glass keeps on having been broken, your car is very dangerous. The theft rate of your important thing put in the inside of car rises drastically. Even the life sometimes has the threatened case. Please contact us immediately if the glass of your car is broken. We inform an expense necessary to change the glass of your car.
from US$136.0
When we hear the word "tail gate" or "tailgate", what often comes in our minds is party. We are always reminded of those tailgate parties that we organize with our mates and friends before the start of a sport event, like the NFL Championships for example. But more than just a "table" that you use for tailgate parties, a vehicle's tailgate does a lot of other functions for your SUV, truck, or van.
The tailgate is the gate, closure, hinged board or door at the rear end of a van, truck, or sport utility vehicle. For large trucks, the tailgates are usually folded straight down for easier loading and unloading of materials. For pickup trucks, however, most tailgates can be folded flat, allowing you to place additional loads on the tailgate or use it as a table for your tailgate parties. The same is true for van and SUV tailgates, although newer vehicles today have tailgates that can be opened sideways for convenience, allowing you to open them just like another door in your vehicle. However, tailgates should not be confused with the lift gate, which needs to be raised to allow load entry at the cargo area of vans and SUVs.
Should you want to make your vehicle's tailgate more functional or if you would just like it to look more stylish, there are tons of tailgate accessories that you can install on it. Start off with the tailgate steps that allow easier entry into the cargo area of your truck. There is also the tailgate lock that keeps it shut to better protect your cargoes. Should you need to load more items in the cargo bed of your truck, you can also install a tailgate box and tailgate extender. If you are only after stylishness or tailgate protection, there are also a lot of accessories that you can use like tailgate caps, tailgate protectors, tailgate covers, tailgate gap covers, and tailgate spoilers.

Whether you need a replacement for your vehicle's tailgate or a tailgate accessory, you should have no problem finding one. You can easily find them from your local auto parts sources and from online sources over the net. Finding high quality tailgates and accessories, however, is another thing. If you want premium quality and superior performance for your tailgate and tailgate accessories, get it only from an online source that you can really trust.
Price : ASK
Aluminum Wheel
A fully functioning headlight is a legal safety requirement on your vehicle and is the kind of component that will be checked as part of an annual MOT. A disproportionate number of traffic accidents and fatalities occur in the dark in relation to the number of journeys taken. It is a similar story during other periods of lower visibility such as when travelling in rain or mist. A malfunctioning headlight must be replaced immediately. A quick search or phone call should reveal a wide range of high quality headlightsfor every make and model of car.
from US$50.0

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